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Now showing
Songs of Love & Hate, MUU Helsinki Comtemporary Art Centre, 6–28 April 2024

Interruptions, Gallery of Palais de l’Europe
08/01/2024 to 02/02/2024

This is Not a Bird Song (Immigrant Song), video installation, 2021

This work showed at Saarijärvi Museum from 3.2.2021 to 25.4.2021

This is Not a Love Song (Immigrant Song)

Birdsong is slowed and pitched down to fall within human range. A human then imitates the song, imposing words into the song. The human song is then sped up to sound like the original birdsong. The subtitles reveal what was sung – slogans from pro-Brexit banners. What appears to be birdsong is human song and the apparent innocence of a singing bird is revealed to be anything but harmless.

Chorus (All Too Human)
Chorus (All Too Human)
Chorus (All Too Human)
Chorus (All Too Human)
I Am Afraid of Looking Stupid
Decayed States (From Bird to Human and Back Again)
Pulled Teeth
Pulled teeth
Pulled Teeth
Bad Pipe
Bad Pipe
Meeting in a Field
Meeting in a Field
Fawn / Faun
The Crack-Up (2022)
The Crack-Up (2022)
Dentist II
Dentist II (detail)
Dentist I
How to Make a Cake
How to Make a Cake (detail)
Ennui / J'existe
Gravity of Jazz Hands
Gravity of Jazz Hands (detail)
Gold Socks
Bad Hair (Pelee/Pompei/Poodles/Mutts)
The Crack-Up
Shit List 1726
Stuck Stuck (Sunny & his tuk tuk)
Stuck Stuck (detail: He doesnt like me for I resemble him closely))
That's All Folks
Grim Reaper
Juicy Pig's Restaurant (installation view, Jyväskylä Art Museum)
Juicy Pig
Juicy Pig's Diner
Two Legs Bad
As Easy As ABC
Sorry (lamp)
The School of Human Dressage and Character Breaking (installation view)
The School of Human Dressage and Character Breaking (detail)
Cheer Up (detail)
Lamps & plates
Sorry (bread)
Sorry (bread) (detail)
Foxheads Stalk This Land
Foxheads Stalk This Land (detail)
Foxheads Stalk This Land (detail)
Foxheads Stalk This Land (detail)
Vermin Bread
The Fox Wife (tent) (interior view)
The Fox Wife (animation stills)
Two Legs Bad
I Feel So Alone
I Feel So Alone (detail)
The Sparrow's Nest (installation view)
Waiting For Her
Descartes Children (detail)
Descartes Children


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Selected Exhibitions

 Solo Exhibitions


2024                           ‘Songs of Love & Hate’, MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre, Helsinki, Finland

2024                           'Interruptions', Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France

2023                           ‘Songs of Love & Hate’, Pori Art Museum’s Poriginal Gallery, Pori, Finland

2014                           ‘Stuck Stuck’, public artwork, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2012                           ‘That’s All Folks’, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki, Finland

2012                           ‘Sorry’, Lönnström Art Museum Studio, Rauma, Finland

2011                           ‘The Fox Wife’, Kaapeli Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2010                           ‘Juicy Pig’s Restaurant’, Jyväskylä Art Museum, Jyväskylä, Finland

2010                           ‘Leftovers’, The Finnish Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

2009                           ‘Best In Show’, Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, Finland

2008                           ‘The Sparrow’s Nest’, Kuvataideakatemia Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2007                           '1 + 1 = 1' Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, Finland

2006                           'Fritters' Gallery Alkovi, Helsinki, Finland

2005                           'You!', Gallery Jangva, Helsinki, Finland


 Group Exhibitions


2021                           ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth 2020’, Saarijärvi Museum, Saarijärvi, Finland

2013                           ‘Happy End?’, Tennis Palace Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland

2012                           ‘Science & Fiction’, Katz Contemporary, Zurich, Switzerland

2012                           ‘The Intimate Immensity’, Musterzimmer, Berlin, Germany

2010                           ’Underground’, Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, Finland

2010                           ’Gallery Sihlhallenstrasse 19’, Gallery Sihlhallenstrasse 19, Zurich, Switzerland

2009                           ‘Transitions’, Padlas Gallery, International Art Symposium, Hungary

2009                           ‘Värähtelyä 2009’, The Danielson-Kalmari Museum, Vääksy, Finland

2008–2009                 'Mobility', satellite exhibition for the Prague Triennale 2008, various locations: Prague National                                      Gallery (Czech Republic), the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts’ galleries, National Pantheon                                                (Portugal), National Museum of Bulgarian Art (Bulgaria)

2008                           ‘Summer exhibition’, Kuvataideakatemia Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2007–2008                 'Drawing Class', Taidehalli, Helsinki, Finland                                   

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